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Bhajan Board

We have organized a new board that provides a lot (!) of information that you need in order to learn more about singing bhajans in the style of Shiva Sai Mandir Music by yourself.



We have published two major books on Shiva Sai Mandir bhajans. The Bhajanbook Penukonda contains all bhajans that we sing and The Kaleshwar Bhajans Book introduces you into the world of singing bhajans!


Bhajan Training Set

Our bhajan training set comes with 5 tracks per bhajan. The first track is telling you what the bhajan means, the second track gives you an explanation of the melody, the third track is the melody alone, the fourth is an instrumental track to sing along to and the fifth track is the complete bhajan. The SSMM bhajan training set is a great tool to listen to, learn and practice bhajans. Have fun!


Bhajan Tutorials

Step by step we are creating tutorials for all the major bhajans for you to learn and practice. We go into the meaning of the words, the special aspects of the melody and how to accompany the bhajan with instruments.



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