Prem Amrita

Prem Amrita (SSMM03)


These heart-opening sacred songs are some of Swami's favorite bhajans. They carry the fragrance of sweet moments in the energy with Swami. Beautiful photos and artwork in the booklet insert.


"This album floods you like a wave of soft and joyful energy that pulls you to sing along." 

"I need this music to start my day with positive energy."

"I like to turn it up and sing along!"  


"You can check any ashram, any place.  You won't find these types of rhythms anywhere.  This is soft, melodious and easy so that any person can catch on to it. They can get it.  They will get it." -Sri Kaleshwar talking about the bhajans of Penukonda.


These Bhajans are sung in deepest gratitude to our teacher Sri Kaleshwar and his master Shirdi Sai Baba for their unconditional love, guidance and inspiration.  


May all hearts and souls be lifted by the divine energy flowing through this music.

The songs are all recorded in the ashram.






Time: 46 Min.17 Sek.

1 Om Gan Ganapatiki 
2 Akhanda Jyoti
3 Shirdi Sai 
4 Janani Sai 
5 Hari Om
6 Jai Jai Gopala 
7 Mata Pita
8 Charana Kamala 
9 Rama Rahima

..Sri Kaleshwar Publishing Store..
..Sri Kaleshwar Publishing Store..



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