Singing Flute

This CD is a real treasure. The songs are prayers and conversations with the Divine. We are witnessing listening to the intimate exchange between the true expression of a soul and its relfections in the nature. Swamiji loved to listen to Sabeenamyi's flute playing.


This music is used from healers around the world during their sessions. It calmes you down, brings happiness and lightness into your thoughts and feelings and leaves you with the almost empty awareness of being uplifted by something you can't really name. Some people believe that angels come, when this music is played.

1 Message from an Angel
2 Dancing Ganesh
3 Gratitude to the Master
4 Prayer
5 Little Sonf for Baba
6 Ave Maria
7 Butterflies
8 Lakshmi
9 Shanti
10 Hanuman
11 Inner Conversation with Maria
12 Dance of the Mountain Spirits
13 Monsoon
14 Song of a Mountain Creek
15 Peace of the Night
16 Blessings from Mother Divine


Time: 44 min. 40 sec.


Flute, Sabeenamayi Tilmann

Keyboard, Gustav Vigneshwara, Michael Brieger

Recorded and produced by Gustav Vigneshwara 2003


..Sri Kaleshwar Publishing Store..
..Sri Kaleshwar Publishing Store..



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