Sai Satyam

Sai Satyam (SSMM02)

This CD is the first release of new created bhajans for Sri Kaleshwar and the living deities of this creation. They have been composed by Gustav Vigneshwara, Mike Lindup and Sabeenamayi Tilmann in Penukonda within one week with the special blessings from Swami Kaleshwar.

Having experienced the reality of the Indian deities after thousands of hours singing to them, our hearts were ready to find our own personal expression. Some of the bhajans are sung as they had been there for ever.  


Om Sai Nath Maharajiki Jay!





1. Suramuni Vandita Vinayaka (Gustav/Mike) 4:58
2. Jay Sai Natha (Gustav/Mike) 4:12
3. Jay Jay Guru Deva (Traditional) 8:12
4. Sadguru Priya (Sabeenamayi /Mike /Gustav) 5:33
5. Durga Divya (Gustav/Mike) 4:18
6. Shiva Shambo (Gustav/Mike) 2:57
7. Amrutha Linga (Gustav/Mike/Sabeenamayi) 4:46
8. Jaya Hanumana (Gustav/Mike) 5:27
9. Gopala Bala (Gustav/Mike) 2:53

Time: 43:34

Vocals: Gustav Vigneshwara Tilmann, Mike Lindup, Sabeenamayi Tilmann, Christine Mag Strasser, Christina Schmidt
Piano and Keyboards: Mike Lindup
Guitar: Gustav Vigneshwara Tilmann, Roman Wagner von Berg, Christine Mag Strasser
Flute: Sabeenamayi Tilmann
Drums: Sabeenamayi Tilmann, Mike Lindup
Shaker: Sabeenamayi Tilmann, Gustav Vigneshwara Tilmann, Mike Lindup
Cello: Ivan Hussey


Recorded at Shiva Sai Mandir, Penukonda
Additional recording at White Room 5, London, and Lower Barn, Hindhead
Grateful thanks to Peter X, Falk and Joe Harding for their assistance
Produced and mixed by Mike Lindup at Studio99, London
Mix engineer Mike Westergaard

© Shiva Sai Mandir Music 2008

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