Gustav Vigneshwara and Sabeenamay Tilmann

Gustav Vigneshwara and Sabeenamayi Tilmann have been singing bhajans together for 25 years with more than two hundred concerts around the planet.   
They are uniquely qualified teachers with years of training and knowledge of Eastern and Western spirituality.  Thousands of people have benefited from their concerts and training and for some, it is life-changing.
Sri Kaleshwar advised them to establish Shiva Sai Mandir Music in 2003. Since then, they’ve been teaching the essence of Indian bhajans and kirtans, and mantras, prayers and the songs of many different religions.
Vigneshwara wrote the illustrated guidebook "Kaleshwar Bhajans book" in 2008.  In it, he shares the beauty and deeper meaning of the songs as taught by Sri Kaleshwar and teaches how to do it yourself.  He has been completely dedicated to teach mastering the art and power of bhajans to the world. He received the titel "Sankritanacharia" from Sri Kaleshwar, the master of sankirtana, of singing bhajans.
Sabeenamayi spent many years in India. She is the author of the well-loved Shiva Sai Mandir bhajan book, has a weekly newsletter and has been teaching hundreds of bhajan classes in Penukonda herself. At twilight, the sound of her flute, the birds and the firelight was a kind of undeniable bliss.  Sri Kaleshwar taught Sabeenamayi how to bring a special quality out of her music.
Together they are providing the offical training of Shiva Sai Mandir Music.

Happiness & Joy

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Ave Maria

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The Panchabuthas

Sri Kaleshwar released 10 vedic mantras of the five elements for this very particular time. He choosed them from a body of hundreds of other mantras saying that they will balance the energies of the five elements earth, fire, sky, water and air in you and around you. They will calm down whatever is going on.


With these 5 elements mantras we have the chance to regain back our original, perfect health in a physical, mental and emotional way. They generate a stream of healing energy in our body, mind and soul. Even children love this CD, probably also because two kids, Mira and Govindan, sang along with some mantras.


This CD is a musical approach that tries to be as close as possible at the original rhythm, pronounciation and speed. It is not advisable to use it for the charging process of these mantras. This should be always done with Swami's original version.



Time: 55 Min. 32 Sek.


Singers;  Gustav Vigneshwara, Sabeenamayi, Mira-Savita, Govindan

Guitar: Gustav Vigneshwara

Flute: Sabeenamayi

Recording: Gustav Vigneshwara

Production: Heiko Klotz

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..Sri Kaleshwar Publishing Store..




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