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Many years ago we sang the bhajan 'Antar Jyothi Namo' in the temple for quite a while. After we finished Swami said: "If they would know what they are singing..."

At that time it was clear to Sabeenamayi to 'go in depth' with bhajans. Still she is inspired to discover more and more the divine world of bhajans and their meaning in our lives.

Hanuman is a wonderful character- 12.9.2013

Hanuman is a wonderful character, guiding us directly in our heart and its immeasurable power. He shows us that permanently longing and connecting with the Highest Divine can bring such a dynamic in our live that we become enabled to handle everything!


That process can enfold very unspectacular or even somehow difficult with recognizing our own blocs without stepping back immediately or trying to make them unseen. Maybe we also expierience that we gain the strength to keep our heart open, evenso we don’t know in that moment how to continue in a certain situation or in our live at all. To come into our power could mean many different things depending on our personality. It happens maybe very unspectacular spectacular until just great!


Hanuman protects us from negativity (including our own one…) very strongly. He is more powerful than Mahakali! He gained this unbelievable strength through his totally surrender and dedication to Rama. He is so devoted to Rama that even every single hair was reciting the name ‚Ram, Ram, Ram…‘ all the time! Swami Kaleshwar explained the King of Monkeys became more powerful than Rama because of his unbelievable dedicated heart.




There are many things to tell about Hanuman. For today I would like to stay with the aspect of the longing for the Divine Beloved. In a Sufi text, cited in Irina Tweedies book ‚Daughter of Fire‘, I found, that the longing for the Divine awakes in us humbleness. Further the quote goes like: ‚Humbleness and longing means imperfectness. Because as a human being you never can be sure to be perfect, humbleness and longing is necessary as a spiritual aspirant.‘ (The spirit of Sufi-Culture)


Hanuman is important for us – he shows us that humbleness protects us from our own ego and that we gain strength because of that mechanism – in a way which is unknown to the most western people so far: Not empowering our ego in order to lead a successful live, instead developing a humble, dedicted and devoted live, full of longing to reach the hightest divine goal on earth. That leads us to real power combined with love. This is Hanumans message for us!



Happy week, full of Hanuman-energy! Sabeenamayi


Bhajan honour and unify all religions - 19.9.2013

Bhajans honour and unify all religions. That is so wonderful. Like Swami Kaleshwar said: ‚There are many candles, but only one light.‘ That ist he truth and we all know it deep in our hearts.



We have this wonderful Bhajan ‚Yuga Yuga Ke…‘ (Nr. 41 in the official Shiva Sai Mandir Bhajan Book), which was also very important to Swamiji. It describes how the Divine is manifesting from time to time to bless the world and  uplift it. We honour here all the great souls  and founder of new religions like Rama, Krishna, Allah, Jesus, Nanaka (Sikhism),Buddha, Zorasthra (one of the oldest religions at all- worship of fire), Mahavira (Jainism) and of course Shirdi Baba!



In the last two lines we sing ‚Ram Rahim Jai…‘ over and over again. There is a deep meaning behind it. Shirdi Baba mentioned once that Ram (Hindu God )and Rahima (God of the Moslems) are one and the same! Hindus and Moslems should instead of fighting with each other shake hands!



Maybe it is good to remember that Shirdi Baba lived amongst Hindus and Moslems with all the conflicts going on all the time. He himself made never clear if he was a Hindu or Moslem. Therefore we could say that this Bhajan is a true peacemaker- song!




‚There are many candles, but only one light.‘ – Sri Kaleshwar




 Have a wonderful week with the one light in your heart – Sabeenamayi.



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