Over the time of 14 years, Sri Kaleshwar trained his students to develop a new style of bhajansinging. As a matter of fact, this style is a unique combination of  rhythm, speed, repetition and instrumentation. Swami asked his students to learn and understand the meachanisms of bhajansinging in his style. He wanted it to be tought exactly as he formed it throughout the years.


The bhajan-trainings are fulfilling his wish. We are training the people in all areas of singing bhajans i.e. the meaning of the words, the pronounciation, the melody, the speciality of every bhajan, the techniques how to raise the energy of the particular bhajan and some techniques how to improve the basic instrument of a singer: the voice.


Also we give workshops for the instruments, that are being used in bhajansinging. 


What we teach in our courses is more than singing bhajans. We train people to use bhajansinging as a healer. The voice has an unbelievable capacity to heal. And the bhajans connect to the highest forms of transforming energy in a very smooth and easy way. We train the mastery of handling subtle cosmic energies. In our experience this ability affects all areas of life.  read more


Our vision is to create a network of Bhajansingers in the world, so that everywhere in the world resound bhajans. Thus we can all help to lift this world into the New Yuga.

The training is led by Vighneshwara and Sabeenamayi Tilmann.




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